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It’s quite possible that you’ve previously visited this website when it was under the Vamos Car Sales brand.  As it turns out, Vamos now utilizes their partner’s (Poas) method for fleet turnover.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any good, quality sources of reliable pre-owned vehicles left in the San Jose-Alajuela and/or Guanacaste-Liberia areas of Costa Rica.  We will be featuring these agencies in upcoming posts, so be sure to comment on your experiences as well.

Here’s one I found on Facebook, Autos Vicabo.  Right now, they seem to have automatic and manual versions of the same model — 2016 Korando, a Standard-sized SUV.

Certainly when purchasing either a former rental car or from a private individual, the car’s maintenance history shouldn’t be shrugged off.  It’s a fairly important indication of how the vehicle was treated and pampered.

Most rental agencies follow strict policies about oil changes, annual services and other maintenance.  These policies ensure that each vehicle receives continuous proper preventative maintenance during its life as a rental car.  Generally speaking, rental fleets are serviced more often than privately owned cars and to higher standards due to the expert mechanics performing the work.

Some sales agencies offer different options to try out your next car — these may be an extended test drive to a full 60-day guarantee.  It would be wise to check into what the seller does to support your decision — and their product!

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